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  1. Healing Services
  2. Rune Stones

Here you can find the list of various services that are available in most towns and cities. These services could be anything from healing wounds to reviving the dead, teaching skills or even making rune stones.

The list of services you find here are very generic so that they should fit in most standard games and campaigns. However, you will need to check with your game master to make sure that these services are available in your setting and in the town your character is visiting.

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1) Healing Services

Services from qualified healers to restore wounds, cure status effects, and revive fallen commrades

Service Description Cost
Minor Wound Recovery Heal minor wounds 25.00
Major Wound Recovery Heal major wounds 75.00
Minor Broken Bone Recovery Heal minor broken bones 45.00
Major Broken Bone Recovery Heal major broken bones 100.00
Status Effect Removal Remove status effects, one per purchase of service; does not recover from death or comatose 20.00
Curse Removal Remove curses 100.00 + 50.00 per level of curse (determined by GM)
Revive Fallen Friend Restore to life a dead friend; must be done within 1 day of death 500.00
Comatose Recovery Recover friend from coma state


Mortality Recovery Restores lost mortality - only available in certain cities, ask your GM if the town you are in has anyone that can offer this service. 20.00 per mortality point recovered


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2) Rune Stones

Already created rune stones may be available in certain localities and in certain campaigns. The worth and price for these rune stones could be determined slowly by the GM, however, here is a simple way to deal with the values of rune stones. Please refer to the rules on rune stones for information on how they work.

  • Enchanting rune stones could be bought at the cost of the ylem increased by the character point cost of spell times the level of the spell. So if it cost 100 character points to get that spell and its a level 2 effect you are after, then you would add 100 to the ylem cost and multiply that total by 2.  To sell a spell rune stone could be valued at ½ the cost of the ylem increased by the character point cost of spell and the level.

Ylem is priced as follows:

Coming soon!


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