This talent gives the character strong empathetic senses, being able to sense the feelings around him or her. This is handy for allowing the character to sense nervousness, sarcasm, anger, or any other emotion. However the character may experience emotional breakdown should the emotions be very high. This talent also gives your character an Initiative bonus of +2. This is a permanent effect. With this talent you can simply go in rage when you feel a lot of anger around you, or suffer loss of self if you feel a lot of depression around you. The rage however won't prevent you from using your skills while still doubling your Melee, Throw, or Bow Power and Runic Energy, but could cause you to need to make will checks not to attack your allies.


Your character's race must have a race maximum for Mental no lower than 50.

Handicap Cost

Having this talent lowers your Will when resisting mindmental, or psychological affecting status effects and attacks by 10 points. Your character also has a 15% chance of mental breakdown, stunning the character for an entire round, should the character be exposed to high levels of emotion.

Submitted by mythus on Sun, 11/14/2021 - 10:27