The fields for currency can be found at the bottom of page 2 (the equipment sheet) of your character sheet. Currency by definition is anything which may be valued and use for in trade for goods or services. In Nor’Ova there are three main forms of currency, the Crion, the Shilling, and the Durum.


  • Crion is the most valuable form of currency. It is made from and backed by the valuable and precious metal called cryonite. A crion coin doesn't consist completely of cryonite. Cryonite typically makes only half or less than half of the coin, with the other parts made of silver. One crion is worth 50 shillings. Very few nations, if any, would use crion as their principle form of money. However crion is accepted anywhere.
  • Shilling is the standard form of currency in most of the civilized world. It is backed by gold reserves, and itself typically is made mostly of gold, each coin weighing one pound of the precious metal. The Shilling is the currency that the other currencies are based on, and is used as the primary currency by most nations. Some nations may refer to their shilling by a different name, but as long as it is backed by gold and consists primarily by gold it is valued the same as the shilling.
  • Duram is a currency backed largely by bronze and copper. A duram coin will typically be made of a mixture of bronze and copper, and other less valuable metals, weighing no more than half a pound. The duram is the least valuable of the globally accepted currencies, valuing at 1/50th the value of a shilling. While the duram is accepted at most places, many merchants frown and discourage its use. The duram is most popular in poorer societies.

It is simplest to probably think of these all as extensions of the shilling, with the shilling acting much like how the US Dollar acts on earth. However the crion and the duram are not merely denominations of the shilling, they are in their own right full-fledged currencies. It is just that every Nor’Ovan currency uses the shilling as the standard, much like currencies on earth use the US Dollar as the standard. For example 1 Crion is worth 50 Shillings while it takes 50 Duram to make 1 Shilling.

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1) 1. Determining Starting Currency

We will be determining how many shillings your character starts with. Some campaign sets may indicate using either crion or duram instead, but most will use shillings. In order to determine your character’s start-up currency, follow these simple steps. You will need a set of percentile dice, a scrap paper to record your rolls, a three-sided dice (or a six-sided dice with 4 = 1, 5 = 2, and 6 = 3), a ten-sided dice, and you may want a calculator.

  • Step 1: Roll 6d% (six percentile dice) and record each number on a piece of scratch paper.
  • Step 2: Your game master may roll a six-sided dice to see how many re rolls you have. Remember, if you choose to re-roll, you must keep the new re-rolled number. However if you have enough re-rolls left you can always re-roll the new number. Also you do not have to take all of your re-rolls.
  • Step 3: Add the numbers together. For example, if you got 90, 18, 50, 24, 12, and 78, your total would be 272.
  • Step 4: Roll a three-sided dice. Again this can be a six-sided dice with 4=1, 5=2, and 6=3. Multiply the number shown on the three-sided dice against the number you got from Step 3. For example, if you roll a 2 in Step 4 and got 272 in Step 3, you would multiply those together to get 544. If you rolled a 1, you would be left with 272. If you rolled a 3, you would get 816. This step is optional, the GM may not allow you to roll a 1d3.

Once you have your answer from Step 4, that is your character’s start-up currency in Shillings. Simply add that information into the Shilling field on the back of your character sheet. And that is it. The currency fields are on the back of your character sheet, underneath the equipment fields.

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2) 2. Other Valuables

This is simply a place to list things that are not one of the three main currencies, yet hold value as if they were currency. These could be obscure coins from an ancient civilization, odd money from some remote tribe, or echo shiff claws treasured by some odd imp tribe. Really, anything that could be used as currency but is not shillings, crion, or duram would go here.

To make use of this spot simply list how many of what item and its perceived worth in shillings. The worth column is to make it easier to use the obscure currency with the store lists. For example, if you would happen to have 10 echo shiff claws, with each being worth 10 shillings, you would put 10 echo shiff claws in the valuable spot and 10 shillings in the worth spot.

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