Armor Stats are just that, stats determined by your character's armor. You will not be placing any stat points into armor stats, however some are they determined by your main stats. 

Defense, Spirit, and Evade are influenced by your main stats, while also being influenced by the armor that you wear.

Defense: first digit of Fortitude + 10
Evade: 1/2 React


The Total Armor Stats

The first section of the armor stats is the Total Armor Stats block. It holds the stats that you need to know for use in combat situations, which are total armor information for your character's equipped armor. These stats are determined by your armor. They are DR%, Full, Defense, Spirit, Evade, Armor Element, Defense Modifiers, and a blue field for you to list any modifiers.

  • DR%: DR% stands for Damage Reduction %. This is provided by your character's armor, and the DR% field here is for a total provided by all of the pieces of armor your character has equipped. Unless the attack is specifying only one part of your character's body, you would use this number when determining how much damage your character's armor protects you against. DR% is a percentage, any damage dealt to your character will be decreased by that percentage. If you have a DR% of 50 and are dealt 100 damage, you will only receive 50 damage. Your character's armor will take damage and its PR% will decrease because of this. It is decreased by 1% of the damage dealt. This is all more explained in Combat. Again, this is a total field, so you could simply put the total here. However, if you want to make things easier for yourself later, it is recommended to take the total of your character's DR% and subtract it by 100 (total DR% - 100). For example, if you have a total DR% of 30, subtract that by 100 to get 70. Then when you are attacked you only need to do the damage x 0.7 to get the damage actually dealt to your character in one go. If you do this, instead of decreasing your total DR% with each hit, you'd increase it.
  • Full: This is what your character's total DR% is fully repaired. This is provided so that you can always know what your character's fully restored DR% is.  Again, you can follow the suggestion above (total DR% - 100) to make it easier for yourself in the long run.
  • Defense: Defense is any amount of flat protection that could be given against physical damage, provided by your armor, race, or perhaps even spell. When you are attacked, the damage that gets past your armor will be reduced by your defense. Unlike armor though, Defense will never decrease as your character is attacked. Defense is also governed by your Fortitude. To determine how much defense your character naturally has, it is the first digit of Fortitude + 10. So if your Fortitude is 8, you have 10 defense, while if it is 82 you will have 18 defense. 
  • Spirit: Spirit is any amount of flat protection that could be given against magical or energy damage, provided by your armor, race, or perhaps even spell. When you are attacked, the damage that gets past your armor will be reduced by your spirit. Unlike armor though, Spirit will never decrease as your character is attacked. This is combined with your character's Runic Spirit for greater magical defense.
  • Evade: Evade is a passive stat that shows whether or not an attack hits you. For an attack to hit you, the attacker must first roll a set of percentile dice. If the number rolled is higher than your Evade stat, you'll take damage. If it is equal to or lower than your evade stat, you won't take damage. Evade is 1/2 React. So if your character's React is 20, then your character's Evade is 10. A critical success against your evade would be 100 and a critical fail a 001, simply because the target needs to roll high so the crit rolls are reversed. Your character's armor also affects your evade.  For example, if your character's full set of armor gives you an Evade Modifier of -10, then you would apply this -10 to your character's Evade stat, therefore reducing how evasive your character is and increasing the odds of getting hit.
  • Armor Element: This field is to list any immunity to magical runic elements your armor might provide. It is provided as a larger field to provide more space for recording this information, since more than one element might be represented here. If your total armor has an element of Earth 20 that means you have a 20% chance of immunity to earth magic (plus any natural immunity you might possess).
  • The other modifiers (slash, bash, pierce, and chop) are extra protections provided by your armor against those forms of attack.
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