Magic Type: Air Magic

  • Aeromancy
  • Audiomancy
  • Spectramancy

Element is strong against: Water
Element is weak against: Earth
Stat Bonuses: 2 to Speed; increase Speed Race Maximum by 10

Information about the element: The runic sign of air is the second element of the year. Those born under this element are usually quick thinkers, impulsive, and impatient. They often clash with those born under the runic element of earth. Air Magic often involves the use of movement spells.

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1) 1. Elemental Effects

Effects on Magic Damage: Double magic power for magic attacks done against those of the water element.

Effects on Magic Defense: 20% chance for immunity to air an water magic attacks.

Supportive Effects: 20% chance to completely evade an attack.

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2) 2. The Soul of Air

All who live upon Nor'Ova have within them what is known as their runic soul. It is the very part of their being that connects them to their runic element. By connecting and using your runic element more and more, your runic soul grows and strengthens.

The runic soul of air is that of the great and powerful Hurricane. The air soul can be awakened when the bearer feels threatened when surrounded on 3 or more sides. The chance is 10%. At the start of each day you are given the chance to make a roll to awaken the soul of air. If you roll 10 or below, a great tempest is expelled from your body in all directions. Everyone will be pushed back 1d20 spaces. Enemies will be knocked down and dazed for one round, and have to make a Strength Check with your Runic Soul as a penalty to not loose their weapon from their grasps.

This chance does increase as your connection to air increases. For every 10 spell levels that you have acquired, the chance increases by 5. The max increase is up to 60%.

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Submitted by mythus on Sat, 11/06/2021 - 11:37