Magic Type: Earth Magic 

  • Geomancy
  • Floramancy
  • Necromancy
Element is strong against: Air

Element is weak against: Fire
Stat Bonuses:  2 to Fortitude; increase Fortitude Race Maximum by 10

Information about the element: The runic sign of earth is the first element of the year. Those born under this element are usually steadfast in their ways, even headed, and patient. They often clash with those born under the runic element of fire. Earth Magic often involves the use of defensive spells.

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1) 1. Elemental Effects

Effects on Magic Damage: Double magic power for magic attacks done against those of the air element.

Effects on Magic Defense: 20% chance for immunity to earth and air magic attacks.

Supportive Effects: 20% chance to decrease physical damages by half.

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2) 2. The Soul of Earth

All who live upon Nor'Ova have within them what is known as their runic soul. It is the very part of their being that connects them to their runic element. By connecting and using your runic element more and more, your runic soul grows and strengthens.

The runic soul of earth is that of the great and mighty world tree of legend, the Yggdrasil. The earth soul awakens when its bearer is near certain death, blocking for a short period any and all damage to its bearer and the bearer's friends. When you only have 10% HP left, you have a chance for the attacks against you to be completely ignored. The chance is 10%. With each attack against you, you can roll for that chance. Should you succeed, the attacks against you and your allies will be ignored for 1d3 rounds, giving you enough time to hopefully heal.

This chance does increase as your connection to earth increases. For every 10 spell levels that you have acquired, the chance increases by 5. The max increase is up to 60%.

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