As to be expected, the weapons of the 1st Era are very different from the traditional game. The later years of the 1st Era were slightly more advanced than what you would find on modern day earth, so you can expect to find that the main weaponry of the 1st Era is guns. However, not everyone favors guns, and in some cases you need a different way to defend your self or deal with a pesky beast. Luckily for you, the 1st Era also has other types of weapons.

Weapon Equipment Section of the character sheet.

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1) Types of Weapons

In the 1st Era you can find the following weapon types:

  • Revolvers: These are small hand guns that have a rotating drum holding up to six bullets.
  • Long Guns: These are your rifles and shot guns. Rifles are celebrated for their range and firing capacity while shot guns are loved for their power.
  • Runic Rifles: These are a very new type of gun that uses the power of fully charged rune stones to deliver a laser-like attack.
  • Bows: These are your crossbows and compound bows - modern takes on ancient weapons often favored by the pure sportsman.
  • Melee Weapons: These are weapons, largely unregulated, for getting up close and personal.
  • Throwing Weapons: These are weapons that you throw.
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2) Equipping Weapons

The process to equipping (and indeed buying) weapons is not different from the main game. There are however a few different fields that we will explain here.

  • Fire Arm: This is a weapon field category for you to equip only your ranged weapons such as guns and bows. You would not place any melee weapons here nor any throwing weapons.
  • Rate of Fire: This is a special field in the Fire Arm weapon category. The Rate of Fire shows how many shots is possible with a single attack action. You should take note though that just because you have a high rate of fire it doesn't mean that you can fully use it. Battles, while depicted in turn-based fashion are actually happening quite quick and at the same time. Without the proper skill you might only get a couple shots off before you are interrupted.
  • Melee: This is a weapon field category for any melee weaponry. This would be any bladed weapons or any weapons that you wield with your hands and attack with. You will also use this for throwing weapons even though they technically aren't melee weapons.
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3) Rate of Fire Special Rules

The guns of the 1st Era are not your slow paced weaponry. They are designed to fire quickly and quickly dispatch the enemy. The higher the gun's rate of fire is, the more you could potentially shoot in a single attack action. There are however some important considerations made to help better balance the overly destructive potential of such weapons.

  • Rule 1: You only get your full Hit Chance with the first shot. Each additional shot has a decrease to the hit chance. The decrease will depend on the gun.
  • Rule 2: You can only use your skills with the first shot, unless you have a skill that allows for otherwise. Each additional shot is straight gun + bullet damage only.
  • Rule 3: Critical hits only happen with the first shot.
  • Rule 4: Hit targeting only happens with the first shot.

Additional considerations may need to be made as the game and situations change and progress.

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4) Weapon Shops

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