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Change of Story


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Due to a lot of really hard real life stuff, I had been away for so long that a lot of the plot points kind of got forgotten about. I remember some general things and general plans, but for the most part I am looking at the stories with a blank stare.

However, I do have ideas. In my own tabletop campaign we have been toying around with a setting that I think would be perfect for a forum RP. I'll try to go over it some here, and why I am prepared to make this drastic change.

Our current forum RP story is more or less fantasy, with horses (or other mounts), magic, and the like. Yes, it has its unique takes, but still. This is a wonderful setting for stories, and great for tabletop RP as well. It has the following issues that make it a challenge for forum RP though...
  • Slow Travelling: Without always relying on the magic of teleport, travelling can take a lot of time. I'm talking months if not years, to reach various parts of the world. Even though our story is centered on one continent, that is still a lot of area. It is very hard to imagine that you could get from one point to an other quickly, meaning that we either have to have a lot of slow travelling RP, story jumps, or both to make it work with a posting format. Not ideal really.
  • Great Distances: The great distances also make it hard to really communicate with other characters in other areas, without some sort of magic. Carrier pigeons might get lost. Mail by horse, takes months. So you could never know that one place that you needed to get to was already destroyed. This can be both good and bad of course from a story point of view, but it does present a challenge.
Basically, the challenges are due to the lack of technology. In a tabletop RP, this isn't such a big issue because gameplay moves faster and you can actually see what is going on. In a post-to-play forum, it becomes a large challenge to keep the story moving and consistant. I am often having to try to find creative ways of keeping the seperate stories on the same time frame, just in case what happens in one affects the other or that they meet up. For example, Mason and Emerald were going to Maya. So was everyone else. LieAnia and crew made it by magic. Things started happening. They have the thing that Mason is needing. But it will take Mason months to get there, am I supposed to keep them there for that long? Am I supposed to do some story time jump with Mason and Emerald that affects everyone else? Lots of missed story opportunity too!

Yes it can work, it is just a challenge and the story begins to stall and slow as I try to balance time.

Well the idea I have is to do the 1st Era RP. The idea is that due to magic time travel, Taal got killed as a baby so the Great Magic War hasn't happened (yet), like it would have. So we are in the late 1st era, which is a bit more advanced than here on earth, but not in some crazy way. This provides the following benefits:
  • It is easy to relate to: One thing I've noticed in my tabletop trial is how easy it is to get into character. This is partially due to the fact that you don't have to think so hard on what limitations you have. You have a phone, so does your character. You search google, your character searches MIND. You have a SUV, so can your character. It makes it far easier to relate to your character and thus to get into your character. At least that's what I've seen thus far.
  • We can cross greater distances: Being in an advanced age, you can get a car, or travel by plane. Months becomes hours. This makes it easier to have stories running without having to wait for other stories to catch up or whatever.
  • No communication limitation: You can call each other. 'Nough said.
We can shape new stories with the new setting. I think the 1st Era will be perfect for a forum RP. I already have a lot of stuff made for the tabletop game which you can get to, and I'll see what I can do to make it forum RP friendly as well. So join me and lets get back into RP'ing together!
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