A start to where?

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Re: A start to where?


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Mara nods, ready to take Tala to her husband's grave. She stopped when Spector went on his speech. "The Princes of Chaos, on Nor'Ova... " she whispered. "They cannot travel beyond their domains of control.... but if it were to spread...." Her face drops, "they would be able to meet up with each other and use the Chaos Stones they possess to empower Zodo. Taal would stand no chance to Zodo then...."

Mara turns back to Tala, "Spector is right, but which is the correct path only you can discover. Should we seek out Ithlamar? Should we seek out your mother, or maybe your father?" She extends her hand, "I am ready to take you to where you need to go."
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Re: A start to where?


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Tala watched the map, frowning, and the message she saw echoed in her mind.  "People need a symbol, something to hang on to, to give them hope.  In the dream, that was Legend, but others and zodo have twisted that, and no one thinks that Zodo is back, so he remains in the shadows, building strength while a hollow Legend is wielded, destroying its image and making a symbol of despair."

She looked at Spector, "if Ithlamar does not accept me, that is what is to be, but it is a symbol of hope, and perhaps there is something else it can give.  I made a promise to both my mother and father, balance must be maintained.  I also made a promise to my father, that Zodo will never rule through him, if I have to seal him away, so be it.  I will still have my father," she touches her chest above my heart, "and I will know he truly exists, and that will be enough."

Tala took Mara's hand and gave it a comforting squeeze, "we have to keep the princes from joining, the strongest force to fight them is love, but that isn't easily made, but hope is.  Let us go to Ithlamar, the path of love and hope will give us something, but we must hurry, Spector warns well that we have limited time to be able to keep this world from falling into destruction."